Large Retailer Finds New Dock Solution to Retrofit Existing Space

After purchasing a building previously used by another retailer, the customer was having trouble lining up delivery vehicles at its docks.


The facility’s dock positions were tailored to the original owner’s needs, which did not suit what the second owner and our customer required. The dock height was 42 inches, and the dock leveler was always sitting at a steep angle because the delivery vehicles were either higher or lower.


To best meet the needs of the customer, the DH Pace team recommended to completely reconstruct the dock.

The team excavated the dock position, removed the ramp and re-poured the front wall and floor in commercial grade 5000 PSI concrete. Then, we installed a new mechanical dock leveler, dock seals and laminated bumpers to accommodate the new set up.


The project took only four days, and the store was able to utilize the new docks properly without significant interruption. Quick turnaround, even in projects with significant construction, can be achieved with a great team of professionals to lend their expertise.