Upgraded Systems with Significant Cost Savings

A large manufacturer had been awarded a sizeable contract for some specialty manufacturing. A portion of the contract requirements included facility upgrades and an increase of its physical security to the facilities to protect employees, trade secrets and guests. The manufacturer had some physical security in place, but they faced large annual software upgrade fees and lacked video cameras. Their current physical security systems were not being actively monitored and were primarily used to review incidents after they occurred.


The manufacturer knew that they needed to improve their access control and video systems, but also wanted to be more proactive in their response time to incidents. They partnered with DH Pace for guidance on the current technologies available, and asked for recommendations on how to implement a three-year plan to get to the new systems they needed.


DH Pace recommended an access control system that used their existing equipment, eliminated the annual software upgrade fees and provided more features—namely, immediate email or text notifications of incidents to security personnel. The cost of migrating of their access control to a new system was less than the price of two years of annual fees they were paying for their older system.
DH Pace also recommended Internet protocol (IP) cameras and video management software so security personnel could view live video from any workstation or portable device, such as tablets or smart phones. The video system also featured analytics to notify security personnel when vehicle traffic is approaching their facility, traveling in the wrong direction or in unauthorized areas, which gave the manufacturer the proactive approach they required.


The manufacturer identified additional areas to secure and enjoys the fact that the access control and video systems provide continual updates so they can address issues they weren’t previously aware of in the past. Through constant communication and updates on the progress, the manufacturer has changed their overall goal to meet more demands, while developing an annual security budget that was not previously established. The ultimate goal was to meet their customer’s requirements, which the manufacturer has exceeded.